Gas Interlock Systems

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Gas Interlock Systems

Our engineers install gas interlock systems to new & existing kitchens, whilst we boast competitive rates we use a specialist high quality brands.

Gas Interlock Systems

Our Mackline Gas Interlock controllers offer a unique high quality functionality allowing ease of use in one location. Allowing full control of your extraction.

We also offer repairs should you encounter problems!

How gas interlock system work?

Cuts off gas flow in the event of kitchen extract fan failure. Now a mandatory requirement in most commercial kitchens.


When is a gas interlock system a mandatory requirement?

  •   On installation of a completely new extraction/ventilation canopy
  •   On installation of a completely new gas pipework run
  •   On installation of a completely new cook line or layout
  •   With any fitting of Category 'B' equipment e.g. combination ovens, deep fryers, grills, charcoal griddles. This includes replacements to an existing layout

Important documents / notes for your consideration and reference:

  •   Corgi Technical Bulletin - TB 130 BS 6173
  •   Gas Supply (Installation and Use) Regulation GSIUR27-4
  •   HSE Information sheet No. 23 – Gas Safety in Catering and Hospitality
  •   HSE CIS Sheet No. 10 - (Rev. 1)

We also build bespoke interlock panels to accomodate 3 phase fans, heater batteries and multiple fan options for a 1 point control panel with all the components integrated into a single control box

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